1. Mandate agency accountability (EPA, FCC, FDA, FTC, etc) .
    2. Mandate government agencies pay 10% of all profits back to the U.S.A..
    3. Mandate requiring every ".gov" domain name have a valid and current SSL certificate.
    4. Mandate shifting H.S.I. unit from I.C.E. to D.H.S..
    1. Correctly fix the nation's roads.
    2. End firms paying exchanges and profiting over "latency arbitrage".
    3. End regressive healthcare.
    4. Gross National Happiness.
    5. Mandate abolishing the electoral college.
    6. Mandate all Corporations owned by the U.S.A. pay 80% of profits to the U.S.A. for distribution as citizen dividends, the remaining profits for reinvestment. Allow any corporation to donate and/or pledge a percentage of its profits to the U.S.A. for distribution as citizen dividends.
    7. Mandate creating new communities throughout the nation that include cohousing.
    8. Mandate creation of U.S.A. Corporations that gainfully employ U.S.A. [natural] citizens to connect every: health clinic, hospital, and school in Ethiopia to the Internet.
    9. Mandate creation of U.S.A. corporations to gainfully employ [natural] U.S.A. citizens to facilitate moving the world from oil to clean[er] energy.
    10. Mandate creation of metal Corporations in Detroit, Michigan that are owned and used by the U.S.A..
    11. Mandate eliminating and prohibiting ATM "foreign fees" and "transaction fees".
    12. Mandate ending: "Polluter Welfare", fossil fuel tax subsidies, loopholes, and special interest giveaways.
    13. Mandate instituting 13% flat income tax. Low- to moderate-income individuals and couples will receive earned income credit.
    14. Mandate limiting? prohibiting? Self storage facilities?
    15. Mandate prohibiting Robocalls.
    16. Mandate prohibiting Tract housing.
    17. Mandate prohibiting all Volkswagen Group vehicles from being sold commercially in the U.S.A. for no less than fifteen years.
    18. Mandate prohibiting and/or abrogation of the "Trans-Pacific Partnership".
    19. Mandate prohibiting companies from cutting pensions.
    20. Mandate prohibiting legislative bill "Rider"(s).
    21. Mandate prohibiting limiting restrooms to patrons.
    22. Mandate prohibiting political debate "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU).
    23. Mandate prohibiting toll: bridges, roads, tunnels, and "Congestion pricing".
    24. Mandate raising nationally minimum wage by 60%.
    25. Mandate recreating "Works Progress Administration".
    26. Mandate reducing and limiting ATM surcharges to $1.01.
    27. Mandate reducing the minimum age requirement to be President of the U.S.A. from 35 to 18 years of age.
    28. Mandate reducing the minimum age to purchase and consume alcohol from 21 to 18 years of age.
    29. Mandate requiring "correctional facilities" pay a "readmission penalty" for released inmates that are convicted and sent back to prison within three years of their release.
    30. Mandate requiring all fuel stations be full service.
    31. Mandate requiring all voter tallying be done by natural U.S.A. citizens.
    32. Mandate requiring and reimplimention of "Glass-Steagall Legislation".
    33. Mandate requiring banks and financial institutes curb and reduce use of derivatives.
    34. Mandate requiring banks and financial institutes disclose to investors how much of the "notional amount" that they could lose in a worst-case scenario and what a bank's potential risk exposure from the complicated interactions of derivatives might be.
    35. Mandate requiring banks shift their goal from making money to adding value to stakeholders, particularly customers.
    36. Mandate requiring banks: "describe risks in commonsense terms that an investor can understand" and there be a "...real risk of punishment for bank executives who mislead investors, or otherwise perpetrate fraud and abuse".
    37. Mandate requiring complete overhauling and modernization of the railway infrastructure.
    38. Mandate requiring creation of U.S.A. Corporations in partnership with Canada for reduced health costs for both countries.
    39. Mandate requiring creation of adequately paying jobs opportunities for U.S.A. citizens to: clean up the oceans, re-greenify the planet, turning all spent nuclear fuel into electricity to power the U.S.A. and even the world.
    40. Mandate requiring creation of more physical (labor and product) jobs for U.S.A. citizens.
    41. Mandate requiring every U.S.A. registered voter, 18 years of age or older be provided with one trip to see all of the national monuments; including without limition to: admission where applicable, necessities (lodging, food), and transportation. Volunteering locally on and during the trip would be ideal but is not required. Trip is not transferable nor exchangeable.
    42. Mandate requiring every [government] pension pay Payroll Tax? * Not final, just considering.
    43. Mandate requiring every elected official be a natural-born citizen of the United States.
    44. Mandate requiring every person that has paid into Social Security, when applicable receive Social Security benfits regardless of nothing; including without limitation receiving a [government] pension.
    45. Mandate requiring faster, modernized Internet for the entire U.S.A..
    46. Mandate requiring federal aid to Alaska State Troopers for employing more Troopers.
    47. Mandate requiring forgiveness of all Katrina related debt for New Orleans, LA.
    48. Mandate requiring implementation and promotion of "fair trade" rather than "free trade".
    49. Mandate requiring integration and implementation of the "80-20 rule" (Pareto principle) in the U.S.A. federal budget.
    50. Mandate requiring metric be used.
    51. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of U.S.A. Medicare.
    52. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of U.S.A. Social Security.
    53. Mandate requiring that when reasonably possible, a [natural] person be given preferential treatment for job opportunities rather than other possible methods including without limitation to automation.
    54. Mandate requiring the U.S.A. switch from "US" 8.5"x11" and any other non-international standard paper size to the International standard paper sizes; i.e., A4.
    55. Mandate requiring the construction of multiple "Dementia Village(s)" and modernized nursing home facilities in every state.
    56. Mandate requiring the government to criminally prosecute banks and financial institutes that violate the law with zero leniency and with increasing penalties for repeat offenders.
    57. Mandate requiring the hardening of the entire U.S.A. infrastructure contracted to Corporations created and/or owned by the U.S.A. that gainfully employ U.S.A. citizens.
    58. Mandate requiring the housing crisis of New Orleans, LA be deemed a public calamity under the conditions set in Article VII § 25 of the Louisiana Constitution.
    59. Mandate requiring the investment in community land trusts around the U.S.A. including without limitation to in and around New Orleans, LA.
    60. Mandate requiring victim of automotive accident determine what happens with their vehicle.
    61. Mandate requiring working towards an open Internet, with productive commons, where creativity and innovation can flourish.
    62. Mandate restoring "Voting Rights Act".
    63. Mandate restoring Estate Tax on Billionaires.
    64. Mandate restricting Congress to two terms.
    65. Mandate where possible that Oleanders and/or other drought resilient vegetation be planted and maintained by gainfully employed U.S.A. citizens, on the all sides of freeways and highways.
    66. Sense for cents; mandate prohibiting fractional pricing.
    67. Stimuluses: Artistry, Innovation, and "Mom 'n Pop" store.
    68. To alleviate the burden on State's budgets, mandate requiring the Federal government facilitate: "Park rangers", "Game wardens", and other wildlife services including without limitation to international services.
    1. Transcending Finland's education system
      1. Mandate all children, clever or not, be taught in the same classrooms.
      2. Mandate applicants vie for primary school training slots.
      3. Mandate elementary school students get 75 minutes of recess a day.
      4. Mandate high school teachers with 15 years of experience make 102 percent of what other college graduates make and be eligible for everlasting retirement.
      5. Mandate national curriculum only be broad guidelines.
      6. Mandate requiring all teachers in the U.S.A. have a masters degree, which is fully subsidized. Retroactive loan forgiveness and subsidizing; requirement for existing teachers not retroactive.
      7. Mandate school system be 100% funded by the U.S.A..
      8. Mandate science classes be capped at 16 students so that they may perform practical experiments in every class.
      9. Mandate teachers have the same status as doctors and lawyers.
      10. Mandate teachers only spend 4 hours a day in the classroom, and take 4 hours a week for "professional development".
      11. Mandate teachers selected from the top 10% of graduates.
      12. Traveling vocational schools stimuluses?
    2. Educational loan forgiveness, including without limitation to higher education, e.g., Baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral.
    3. Integrate "Not Yet" while still keeping and utilizing "Failing" grades.
    4. Integrate foresight thinking into toys rather than just momentary thinking.
    5. Life skills starting in elementary school, reinforced and expanded yearly.
    6. Mandate abolishing and/or abrogating "No Child Left Behind" and "Race to the Top".
    7. Mandate creation of a world and interplanetary renowned Ivy League-like institute that fosters higher learning in its purest sense, the "Mathew Tyler Institute for Higher Learning".
    8. Mandate defining and codifying "natural born" ("natural born citizen of the United States") as "a natural person, natively-born citizen of the United States of America, birthed in the United States of America by an existing citizen of the U.S.A.".
    9. Mandate exempting teachers from jury duty.
    10. Mandate federally criminalizing and prohibiting funds appropriated for public education being used for anything other than official public schools which shall be defined as [public] educational institutes and/or schools that are: operated and owned by the state whilst being subject to public school regulation in its entirety.
    11. Mandate prohibiting "D.A.R.E." and "Scared Straight" programs.
    12. Mandate prohibiting "safety colors" on Toy [weapon(s)].
    13. Mandate prohibiting choking/suffocation warning(s) on bags and other similar things.
    14. Mandate prohibiting merit pay teaching.
    15. Mandate reaffirming and reimplementing teacher tenure.
    16. Mandate reaffirming, restructuring, and reimplementing teacher seniority.
    17. Mandate requiring adequate funding for: PBS, Mozilla, Scouting, Wikipedia, and other similar non-profit type organizations without meddling from the government, ever.
    18. Mandate requiring all persons in public school pledge allegiance to the U.S.A. flag.
    19. Mandate requiring every educational institute be subject to the same regulations as public schools whilst stripping the authority to exempt from the state and the institute(s).
    20. Mandate requiring free modernized education, including higher education for citizens of the U.S.A..
    21. Mandate requiring principals be former teachers. Not retroactive.
    22. Mandate requiring the creation of one or more: nonprofit, nonpartisan, unbiased News media corporations that are required to investigate and report on: national and international non-trivial: facts, events, and people whilst being prohibited from reporting on trivial matters.
    23. Mandate requiring total usable [digital] storage [capacity] be the sole storage [capacity] referenced; that the binary definition of 1 kilobyte, 1,024 bytes be used for measurement; that formatting and file system overhead are not part of the usable storage capacity; and that storage capacity marketed is the total usable storage; e.g., storage marketed as 500 GB has 500 GB of usable storage capacity, not 465 GB of usable storage capacity.
    24. Mandate requiring: Critical thinking, Deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning, Logic, and Spatial Awareness be taught as early on and be reinforced and expanded yearly.
    25. Parenting education.
    1. Mandate requiring "President's day" occur on election day, and be a paid national holiday. h/t: a friend.
    2. Conclusion of the "War on 'Terror'".
    3. Develop fun physical activities.
    4. Extermination of Toxoplasma gondii.
    5. Mandate abolishing Vaccine court.
    6. Mandate federally criminalizing and prohibiting: incentivizing, inhibiting, retarding or otherwise interfering with [adequate] watering of plants including without limitation to lawns.
    7. Mandate federally criminalizing towing a disabled/handicap vehicle without the owner or operator's explicit written consent prior to towing.
    8. Mandate prohibiting "BHA" (butylated hydroxyanisole) and "BHT" (butylated hydroxytoluene) .
    9. Mandate prohibiting "Bridge may be icy" signs.
    10. Mandate prohibiting "Hand sanitizers".
    11. Mandate prohibiting "Stop - Open with Pull Tab on Top!" and other similar text.
    12. Mandate prohibiting "neonicotinoid pesticides".
    13. Mandate prohibiting AI [artificial intelligence] autonomous weapons.
    14. Mandate prohibiting Arsenic-based drugs.
    15. Mandate prohibiting Artificial Food Dyes.
    16. Mandate prohibiting Farm-raised salmon.
    17. Mandate prohibiting Hydraulic fracturing "Fracking" nationally.
    18. Mandate prohibiting Leaf blowers.
    19. Mandate prohibiting Trans fat.
    20. Mandate prohibiting advertising to children.
    21. Mandate prohibiting and abolishing of the "Hyde Amendment".
    22. Mandate prohibiting beta agonist drugs including without limitation to Ractopamine.
    23. Mandate prohibiting buckle up signs.
    24. Mandate prohibiting children products from containing any carcinogens that directly or indirectly cause cancer.
    25. Mandate prohibiting commercially available driverless vehicles.
    26. Mandate prohibiting consumables being irradiated.
    27. Mandate prohibiting consumables from containing Bromine.
    28. Mandate prohibiting consumables from containing any carcinogens.
    29. Mandate prohibiting disposable cigarette filters that take longer than 30 days to decompose entirely.
    30. Mandate prohibiting fast food and/or soda and/or junk food type products from being available in schools and around schools. *Distance undetermined.
    31. Mandate prohibiting fluoride in consumeables including without limitation to treatment of water.
    32. Mandate prohibiting food additives including without limitation to: Carrageenan, Cellulose, Olestra, Azodicarbonamide, rBGH and rBST, Potassium Bromate, and Soy; .
    33. Mandate prohibiting high fructose corn syrup.
    34. Mandate prohibiting noncritical: harvesting, molestation, profiting, or retardation of/from the Earth's core.
    35. Mandate prohibiting plastic bags nationally.
    36. Mandate prohibiting the distribution, importation, manufacturing, and sale of "Microbeads".
    37. Mandate prohibiting the sale, importation and advertising of all baby walkers including without limitation to selling a baby walker at a garage sale or flea market.
    38. Mandate prohibiting the use of brominate.
    39. Mandate reclassifying Tomato as a fruit.
    40. Mandate reimplantation? of military personnel debriefing.
    41. Mandate requiring a minimum of (36) paid vacation days for every U.S.A. citizen.
    42. Mandate requiring a six-month probational period in which all cows have garlic integrated into their diet.
    43. Mandate requiring all [natural] persons be paid their wage or overtime for time spent in [security] screening(s).
    44. Mandate requiring all operating system dialogs have the option of being a one-time occurrence.
    45. Mandate requiring all restrooms in hospitals and medical facilities have automatic: faucets, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilets; and that toilets and urinals have a black fly near the collection area.
    46. Mandate requiring automated in-pavement LED crosswalk light markers nationally around: schools, libraries, and recreational areas.
    47. Mandate requiring daily recommended sugar labeling on all products. Daily recommended amount half that of sodium?
    48. Mandate requiring every [natural] girl, from age 12 years of age until age 18 years of age that is capable of [natural] reproduction receive $1.00 per day that she is not pregnant. All monies will be kept in a general fund savings account. Monies will be paid after: not getting pregnant, graduating from high school, and enrolling in college. Girls will also receive $5 per week for transportation to the program's classes in sexual health and preparation for college.
    49. Mandate requiring food expiration dates?
    50. Mandate requiring free modernized preventative healthcare for citizens of the U.S.A..
    51. Mandate requiring leap day be a paid, national holiday.
    52. Mandate requiring more federal oversight whilst establishing sticter federal guidelines for the storage and transportation of ammonium nitrate.
    53. Mandate requiring one year of paid [family] maternity leave which can be divided between both parents.
    54. Mandate requiring paper towels in all public restrooms.
    55. Mandate requiring physical On/Off switches be installed in conjunction with newly installed and/or modified electrical receptacles.
    56. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of those without a voice for generations to come.
    57. Mandate requiring red lights on train platforms be changed to blue lights.
    58. Mandate requiring reduced: saturated fat, sugar, and sodium.
    59. Mandate requiring released inmates that have stayed out of [major] trouble for 7 years have their criminal background limited to 7 years; after 14-21 years of a clear record, if necessary, is re-eligible for a second chance of "forgiveness" aka another 7 year background check limit. Limit two per [natural] person?
    60. Mandate requiring restroom doors open outward.
    61. Mandate requiring women's restroom located before/closer than the men's restroom.
    62. Mandate revoking and prohibiting Twitter, Inc.'s articles of incorporation or thereof.
    63. Mandate revoking and prohibiting Costco's articles of incorporation or thereof.
    64. Mandate zero carpet in hospital and medical facilities.
    65. Reduce serving sizes.
    66. Switch to preventative care first (least invasive then medication) then surgery (Referenced in "Doctored") .
    1. Assisted suicide, Euthanasia, Pro-choice, Same-sex marriage, and Woman's rights.

      People should have the right to make these decisions for themselves; unless those that oppose such rights are able to provide more than adequately and are willing to be held personally responsible for the financial and legal care in their entirety arising from denying another person these rights, there opposition is irrelevant. Both conditions being met would constitute a moot point.

    2. End automatic citizenship for everyone born in the U.S.A. unless the mother is a U.S.A. citizen. Will not be retroactive.
    3. Excluding all and any form of law enforcement whilst prohibiting enhanced penalties for crimes against any aspect of law enforcement. Mandate allowing enhanced penalties for crimes against first responders including without limitation to: emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and paramedics.
    4. Mandate Constitutionally protecting and expanding the legal rights of victims of crime to include 17 rights in the judicial process, including: the right to legal standing, protection from the defendant, notification of all court proceedings, and restitution, as well as granting parole boards far greater powers to deny inmates parole.
    5. Mandate abolishing and/or abrogating and/or repealing "Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993,".
    6. Mandate abolishing and/or abrogating and/or repealing H.R.1865.
    7. Mandate applicable solely to the State and the Court, codifying and establishing the duration of a "speedy trial" as afforded by the sixth amendment of the U.S.A. Constitution is to be a duration of not more than (3) calendar months; commencing the instance the defendant is accused of one or more offenses. Adjournments by the defense shall temporarily pause the State's time limitation until the next Court.
    8. Mandate eliminating vehicle importation yearly restriction(s) .
    9. Mandate granting Edward Joseph Snowden a full reprieve/pardon and awarding him with the Medal of Honor.
    10. Mandate legalizing using force against "public servants".
    11. Mandate prohibiting legislators from exempting themselves from policy[s] whilst requiring legislators be subject to the upmost scrutiny and accountability of the same policy[s] as everyone else.
    12. Mandate prohibiting reCAPTCHA and/or any other similar widget and/or apparatus that otherwise retards the ability to use technology.
    13. Mandate prohibiting without exception the private ownership of dangerous and exotic large cats.
    14. Mandate ratifying Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ("CEDAW").
    15. Mandate ratifying Equal Rights Amendment.
    16. Mandate regardless of anything, including without limitation to residing in Puerto Rico, requiring all U.S.A. citizens age (18) years of age or older be permitted to vote in U.S.A. elections including without limitation to presidential elections.
    17. Mandate requiring Congress revisit H.Res.1335 to stop the human rights abuses in West Papua.
    18. Mandate requiring Native Americans and indigenous persons be treated equally; that federal authorities collect comprehensive data on Native Americans and indigenous missing and/or murdered persons and report it to the FBI for investigation.
    19. Mandate requiring abortion services be freely available and provided for: U.S.A. military personnel and their families, Peace Corps volunteers, Indian Health Service clients, and federal prisoners.
    20. Mandate requiring infinite Internet Net neutrality.
    21. Mandate requiring the restoration of the "Voting Rights Act of 1965".
    22. Mandate requiring veterans be [more than] adequately taken care of; that veterans always have: food, shelter, and medical treatment available to them.
    23. Restoration of genuine: law, order, and justice.
    24. Use the following formula to evaluate how effective preventing gun violence by retarding legal gun ownership with legislation is;

      Total # of crimes involving a gun - # of crimes involving an unregistered and/or illegal gun = # crimes effected by gun ownership legislation.
      Total crimes - (unregistered + illegal) = effected by gun ownership legislation

  1. Government

    The office of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.

    — William Ellery Channing

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

The simple-complexity.

— Mathew L. Tyler

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