Mathew Tyler, I am

Why? For a better life; I am and will do the work. Consider how despite the current state, how one succeeding in this day and age when no one else had succeeded, how being bestowed such an honour would transform one's life.

Who? I am Mathew Tyler. My [having a] [demand|require|]s my problem solving be: accepting of variable change, adaptable, dynamic, from a unique mindset, and capable of on-the-fly modification; contributing to my being a better problem solver than 93.8% of peers testedǂ. Disabled POTUS? Who was four consecutive term ?

What [problems] do you dislike?

, "Americans first, redefining possibilities!"
11.08.2020, write in Mathew Tyler.

ǂAccording to Lumosity. Independent Presidential candidate# P60005600.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

The simple-complexity.

— Mathew L. Tyler

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