Mathew Tyler, I am

Why? For a better life; I am and will do the work. Consider how despite the current state, how one succeeding in this day and age when no one else had succeeded would transform one's life.

Who? I am Mathew Tyler. My [having a] physical disability [demand|require|]s my problem solving be: adaptable, dynamic, from a unique mentality, and capable of on-the-fly modification; contributing to my being a better problem solver than 93.8% of peers tested according to Lumosity. Disabled POTUS? Who was four consecutive term POTUS FDR?

What [problems] do you dislike?

Independent Presidential candidate# P60005600, "I am here to trump Trump. To raise the bar unparalleledly."
11.08.2020, write in Mathew Tyler.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

The simple-complexity.

— Mathew L. Tyler

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