2016: U.S. Presidential Candidate: Mathew Tyler

Deliverance of [President] he who's name we do not speak lawfully removed from office. 
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If not me, than who? If not now, then when?


Whilst adhering to our ethos[1] and global goals[1], I envision a better, imperfect world[3][3][3] with a more equitable society[1][1][1][3][3][1][1], that is: sustainable, less ignorant[1], less incorrect[2][1][3], and "less idiotic"; an imperfect world where "feces"[1] is resolved correctly; a world not enslaved to Petroleum nor mired by "Global warming"[1][3]. A world where the United States of America irrefutably leads the world across the board in every major area[2] and is the greatest country in the world.

One thing he had learned from the project was that human drivers needed to be 'less idiotic'.

— Dmitri Dolgov


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

  1. Our planet
  2. Us
  3. Our sentiments



[Jihad] recruits tend to be persons living abroad,

...Algerians living in expatriate enclaves in France, Moroccans in Spain, or Yemenis in Saudi Arabia. Despite their accomplishments, they had little standing in the host societies where they lived.



Preemptively target would be recruits[2] natively and abroad with: anti[-jihad] organizations[3], communities[3], education, and role-models[1][1][1][1].

Enlist the help of would be recruits to help with the community and have the community be receptive and reciprocate; be: compassionate, engaging, friendly, and respectful.

"Why? Why does society need to foot the bill for this?"

Society has the problem with terrorists attacks.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

— Mark Twain

Blueprints for USA

  1. Educate

    Blueprints for the USA

    1. 270 [electoral college] ballots; the electoral college doesn't have to vote for me, only their ballots have to indicate that they did.
    2. State of the Union, currently < 2016-12-20 @ 02:59:59 EST


    3. State of the Union, 31 days later, 2017-01-20 @ 21:00:00 EST

      Out of many states, one nation, united

    4. The world will not only be a measurably better place, you personally will be:
      happier, healthier, ideally more knowledgeable, and possibly more intelligent.
      + Policy @ www.pres.me/policy
      + Global goals @ www.pres.me/globalgoals
    5. Mutatis mutandis, State of the Union, 2021-01-20 @ 11:59:59 EST

      Varied; what is the spice of life?

      E Pluribus Unum

  2. Empower
  3. Liberate

Global Goals

These are the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Agreed on by our 193 countries. This is the plan. Let's get to work. Let's make it happen.


  1. We will live in a world where nobody anywhere lives in extreme poverty.
  2. We will live in a world where no-one goes hungry, no one wakes in the morning, asking if there will be food today.
  3. We will live in world where no child has to die from diseases we know how to cure and where proper healthcare is a lifelong right for us all.
  4. We will live in a world where everyone goes to school - and education gives us the knowledge and skills for a fulfilling life.
  5. We will live in a world where all women and all girls have equal opportunities to thrive and be powerful and safe. We can't succeed if half the world is held back.
  6. We will live in a world where all people can get clean water and proper toilets at home, at school, at work.
  7. We will live in a world where there's sustainable energy for everyone – heat, light and power for the planet without destroying the planet.
  8. We will live in a world where economies prosper and new wealth leads to decent jobs for everyone.
  9. And we will live in a world where our industries, our infrastructure and our best innovations are not just used to make money – but to make all our lives better.
  10. We will live in a world where people live in cities and communities that are safe, progressive, and support everyone who lives in them.
  11. We will live in a world where we replace what we consume – a planet where we put back what we take out of the earth.
  12. We will live in a world that is decisively rolling back the threat of climate change.
  13. We will live in a world where we restore and protect the life in our oceans and seas.
  14. We will live in a world where we restore and protect life on land - the forests, the animals, the earth itself.
  15. We will live in a world with peace between and inside countries, where all governments are open and answer to us for what they do at home and abroad - and justice rules, with everyone equal before the law.
  16. And we must live in a world where all countries and we, their people, work together in partnerships of all kinds, to make these global goals a reality for everyone, everywhere.


    1. Mandate agency accountability (EPA, FCC, FDA, FTC, etc).
    2. Mandate government agencies pay 10% of all profits back to the USA.
    3. Mandate requiring every ".gov" domain name have a valid and current SSL certificate.
    1. Correctly fix the nation's roads.
    2. Create more physical (labor and product) jobs for USA citizens.
    3. End firms paying exchanges and profiting over "latency arbitrage"[1][3].
    4. End regressive healthcare[1][3].
    5. Gross National Happiness[1][3][3].
    6. Mandate abolishing the electoral college[1].
    7. Mandate all Corporations owned by the USA pay 80% of profits to the USA for distribution as citizen dividends[1][3][4], the remaining profits for reinvestment. Allow any corporation to donate and/or pledge a percentage of its profits to the USA for distribution as citizen dividends.
    8. Mandate amending the Twenty-second amendment to exclude Presidents from myself[3] onward.
    9. Mandate creating new communities throughout the nation that include cohousing[1][1][1][1][3].
    10. Mandate creation of USA Corporations that gainfully employ USA [natural] citizens to connect every: health clinic, hospital, and school in Ethiopia to the internet.
    11. Mandate creation of USA corporations to gainfully employ [natural] USA citizens to facilitate moving the world from oil to clean[er] energy.
    12. Mandate creation of metal Corporations in Detroit, Michigan that are owned and used by the USA.
    13. Mandate eliminating and prohibiting ATM "foreign fees" and "transaction fees"[1].
    14. Mandate ending: "Polluter Welfare", fossil fuel tax subsidies, loopholes, and special interest giveaways[1].
    15. Mandate instituting 13% flat income tax[3]. Low- to moderate-income individuals and couples will receive earned income credit[1].
    16. Mandate limiting? prohibiting? Self storage facilities[1]?
    17. Mandate prohibiting Robocalls[1].
    18. Mandate prohibiting Tract housing[1].
    19. Mandate prohibiting all Volkswagen Group[1] vehicles from being sold commercially[1][1] in the USA for no less than fifteen years.
    20. Mandate prohibiting and/or abrogation of the "Trans-Pacific Partnership"[1][3][3][3][3].
    21. Mandate prohibiting companies from cutting pensions.
    22. Mandate prohibiting legislative bill "Rider"(s)[1].
    23. Mandate prohibiting limiting restrooms to patrons.
    24. Mandate prohibiting political debate "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU)[1][3].
    25. Mandate prohibiting toll[3]: bridges[1], roads[1], tunnels[1], and "Congestion pricing"[1].
    26. Mandate raising nationally minimum wage by 60%.
    27. Mandate recreating "Works Progress Administration"[1].
    28. Mandate reducing and limiting ATM surcharges[1] to $1.01.
    29. Mandate reducing the minimum age requirement to be President of the USA from 35 to 18 years of age.
    30. Mandate reducing the minimum age to purchase and consume alcohol from 21 to 18 years of age.
    31. Mandate requiring "correctional facilities" pay a "readmission penalty"[1] for released inmates that are convicted and sent back to prison within three years of their release.
    32. Mandate requiring all fuel stations be full service.
    33. Mandate requiring all voter tallying be done by natural US citizens[3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3].
    34. Mandate requiring and reimplimention of "Glass-Steagall Legislation"[1][3].
    35. Mandate requiring banks and financial institutes curb and reduce use of derivatives.
    36. Mandate requiring banks and financial institutes disclose to investors how much of the "notional amount" that they could lose in a worst-case scenario and what a bank's potential risk exposure from the complicated interactions of derivatives might be[1].
    37. Mandate requiring banks shift their goal from making money to adding value to stakeholders, particularly customers[1].
    38. Mandate requiring banks: "describe risks in commonsense terms that an investor can understand" and there be a "...real risk of punishment for bank executives who mislead investors, or otherwise perpetrate fraud and abuse"[1][2].
    39. Mandate requiring complete overhauling and modernization of the railway infrastructure.
    40. Mandate requiring creation of USA Corporations in partnership with Canada for reduced health costs for both countries.
    41. Mandate requiring creation of adequately paying jobs opportunities for USA citizens to: clean up the oceans[1], re-greenify the planet, turning all spent nuclear fuel into electricity to power the USA and even the world[1][3][3].
    42. Mandate requiring every USA registered voter, 18 years of age or older be provided with one trip to see all of the national monuments; including without limition to: admission where applicable, necessities (lodging, food), and transportation. Volunteering locally on and during the trip would be ideal but is not required. Trip is not transferable nor exchangeable.
    43. Mandate requiring every [government] pension pay Payroll Tax? * Not final, just considering.
    44. Mandate requiring every elected official be a natural-born citizen of the United States[3].
    45. Mandate requiring every person that has paid into Social Security, when applicable receive Social Security benfits regardless of nothing; including without limitation receiving a [government] pension.
    46. Mandate requiring federal aid to Alaska State Troopers for employing more Troopers.
    47. Mandate requiring forgiveness of all Katrina related debt for New Orleans, LA.
    48. Mandate requiring implementation and promotion of "fair trade" rather than "free trade"[1][3][3].
    49. Mandate requiring integration and implementation of the "80-20 rule" (Pareto principle)[1] in the USA federal budget.
    50. Mandate requiring metric be used[3][3][3][3][3][3].
    51. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of U.S. Medicare[1].
    52. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of U.S. Social Security[1].
    53. Mandate requiring that when reasonably possible, a [natural] person[1] be given preferential treatment for job opportunities rather than other possible methods including without limitation to automation.
    54. Mandate requiring the USA switch from "US" 8.5"x11"[1] and any other non-international standard paper size to the International standard paper sizes; i.e., A4[1].
    55. Mandate requiring the construction of multiple "Dementia Village(s)"[1] and modernized nursing home facilities[1] in every state.
    56. Mandate requiring the government to criminally prosecute banks and financial institutes that violate the law with zero leniency and with increasing penalties for repeat offenders[1].
    57. Mandate requiring the housing crisis of New Orleans, LA be deemed a public calamity under the conditions set in Article VII § 25 of the Louisiana Constitution.
    58. Mandate requiring the investment in community land trusts[1] around the USA including without limitation to in and around New Orleans, LA.
    59. Mandate requiring victim of automotive accident determine what happens with their vehicle.
    60. Mandate restoring "Voting Rights Act"[1].
    61. Mandate restoring Estate Tax on Billionaires[1][3].
    62. Mandate restricting congress to two terms.
    63. Mandate where possible that Oleanders[1][3][3] and/or other drought resilient vegetation be planted and maintained, on the sides of freeways and highways.
    64. Sense for cents; mandate prohibiting fractional pricing[1].
    65. Stimuluses: Artistry, Innovation, and "Mom 'n Pop" store.
    66. To alleviate the burden on State's budgets, mandate requiring the Federal government[1] facilitate: "Park rangers"[1], "Game wardens"[1][1], and other wildlife services including without limitation to international services[1].
    1. Transcending Finland's education system[3][3]
      1. Mandate all children, clever or not, be taught in the same classrooms.
      2. Mandate all teachers in the USA have a masters degree, which is fully subsidized. Will not be retroactive.
      3. Mandate applicants vie for primary school training slots.
      4. Mandate elementary school students get 75 minutes of recess a day.
      5. Mandate high school teachers with 15 years of experience make 102 percent of what other college graduates make and be eligible for everlasting retirement.
      6. Mandate national curriculum only be broad guidelines.
      7. Mandate school system be 100% funded by the USA.
      8. Mandate science classes be capped at 16 students so that they may perform practical experiments in every class.
      9. Mandate teachers have the same status as doctors and lawyers.
      10. Mandate teachers only spend 4 hours a day in the classroom, and take 4 hours a week for "professional development".
      11. Mandate teachers selected from the top 10% of graduates.
      12. Traveling vocational schools stimuluses?
    2. Educational loan forgiveness, including without limitation to higher education, e.g., Baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral.
    3. Integrate "Not Yet" while still keeping and utilizing "Failing" grades.
    4. Integrate foresight thinking into toys rather than just momentary thinking.
    5. Life skills starting in elementary school, reinforced and expanded yearly.
    6. Mandate abolishing and/or abrogating "No Child Left Behind"[1] and "Race to the Top"[1][3].
    7. Mandate creation of a world and interplanetary renowned Ivy League-like institute that fosters higher learning in its purest sense, the "Mathew Tyler Institute for Higher Learning".
    8. Mandate defining and codifying "natural born" ("natural born citizen of the United States") as "a natural person, natively-born citizen of the United States of America, birthed in the United States of America by an existing citizen of the USA"[1].
    9. Mandate exempting teachers from jury duty during the school year.
    10. Mandate federally criminalizing and prohibiting funds appropriated for public education being used for anything other than official public schools which shall be defined as [public] educational institutes and/or schools that are: operated and owned by the state whilst being subject to public school regulation in its entirety.
    11. Mandate prohibiting "D.A.R.E."[1] and "Scared Straight"[1] programs[1][2].
    12. Mandate prohibiting "safety colors"[1] on Toy [weapon(s)].
    13. Mandate prohibiting choking/suffocation warning(s) on bags and other similar things.
    14. Mandate prohibiting merit pay teaching[1].
    15. Mandate reaffirming and reimplementing teacher tenure[1].
    16. Mandate reaffirming, restructuring, and reimplementing teacher seniority[1].
    17. Mandate requiring adequate funding for: PBS[1][3][3], Mozilla[1][3], Scouting[1][3][3], Wikipedia, and other similar non-profit type organizations without meddling from the government, ever.
    18. Mandate requiring all persons in public school pledge allegiance[1] to the USA flag.
    19. Mandate requiring every educational institute be subject to the same regulations as public schools whilst stripping the authority to exempt from the state and the institute(s)[3].
    20. Mandate requiring free modernized education[3], including higher education for citizens of the USA.
    21. Mandate requiring principals be former teachers. Not retroactive.
    22. Mandate requiring the creation of one or more: nonprofit, nonpartisan, unbiased[1] News media corporations that are required to investigate and report on: national and international non-trivial: facts, events, and people whilst being prohibited from reporting on trivial matters[1][3][3].
    23. Mandate requiring total usable [digital] storage [capacity] be the sole storage [capacity] referenced; that the binary definition of 1 kilobyte, 1,024 bytes be used for measurement; that formatting and file system overhead are not part of the usable storage capacity; and that storage capacity marketed is the total usable storage; e.g., storage marketed as 500 GB has 500 GB of usable storage capacity, not 465 GB of usable storage capacity[1][2].
    24. Mandate requiring: Critical thinking[1], Deductive reasoning[1], Inductive reasoning[1], Logic[1], and Spatial Awareness[1] be taught as early on and be reinforced and expanded yearly.
    25. Parenting education.
    1. Conclusion of the "War on 'Terror'"[1].
    2. Develop fun physical activities.
    3. Extermination of Toxoplasma gondii[1][2][3][3][3].
    4. Mandate abolishing Vaccine court[1].
    5. Mandate federally criminalizing and prohibiting: incentivizing[3][3], inhibiting[3][3][3], retarding or otherwise interfering with [adequate] watering[2] of plants including without limitation to lawns.
    6. Mandate federally criminalizing towing a disabled persons' vehicle[3][3] without the owner or operator's explicit written consent prior to towing.
    7. Mandate prohibiting "BHA" (butylated hydroxyanisole) and "BHT" (butylated hydroxytoluene).
    8. Mandate prohibiting "Bridge may be icy" signs[3][3].
    9. Mandate prohibiting "Hand sanitizers"[1][3][3][3][3].
    10. Mandate prohibiting "Stop - Open with Pull Tab on Top!"[3][3] and other similar text.
    11. Mandate prohibiting "neonicotinoid pesticides"[1][3][3].
    12. Mandate prohibiting AI [artificial intelligence] autonomous weapons[3][3].
    13. Mandate prohibiting Arsenic-based drugs.
    14. Mandate prohibiting Artificial Food Dyes[1][3].
    15. Mandate prohibiting Farm-raised salmon[1][3].
    16. Mandate prohibiting Hydraulic fracturing[1] "Fracking" nationally.
    17. Mandate prohibiting Leaf blowers[1].
    18. Mandate prohibiting Trans fat[1].
    19. Mandate prohibiting advertising to children[1][3].
    20. Mandate prohibiting and abolishing of the "Hyde Amendment"[1].
    21. Mandate prohibiting beta agonist drugs[1] including without limitation to Ractopamine[3].
    22. Mandate prohibiting buckle up signs[3][3].
    23. Mandate prohibiting children products from containing any carcinogens[1][3] that directly or indirectly cause cancer.
    24. Mandate prohibiting commercially available driverless vehicles.
    25. Mandate prohibiting consumables being irradiated.
    26. Mandate prohibiting consumables from containing Bromine[1].
    27. Mandate prohibiting consumables from containing any carcinogens[1].
    28. Mandate prohibiting disposable cigarette filters[1] that take longer than 30 days to decompose entirely.
    29. Mandate prohibiting existing fast food and/or soda and/or junk food type products from being available in schools and around schools. *Distance undetermined.
    30. Mandate prohibiting fluoride[1] in consumeables including without limitation to treatment of water[1][1][1][1][1][1][1][3][3][3].
    31. Mandate prohibiting food additives[1] including without limitation to: Carrageenan[1], Cellulose[1], Olestra[1], Azodicarbonamide[1], rBGH and rBST[1], Potassium Bromate[1], and Soy[1]; [3].
    32. Mandate prohibiting high fructose corn syrup.
    33. Mandate prohibiting noncritical: harvesting, molestation, profiting, or retardation of/from the Earth's core[1].
    34. Mandate prohibiting plastic bags nationally.
    35. Mandate prohibiting the importation, manufacturing, and sale of "Microbeads"[1].
    36. Mandate prohibiting the sale, importation and advertising of all baby walkers including without limitation to selling a baby walker at a garage sale or flea market[1].
    37. Mandate prohibiting the use of brominate[1][3].
    38. Mandate reclassifying Tomato[1] as a fruit.
    39. Mandate reimplantation? of military personnel debriefing[1].
    40. Mandate requiring a six-month probational period in which all cows have garlic integrated into their diet[1].
    41. Mandate requiring all [natural] persons be paid their wage or overtime for time spent in [security] screening(s)[1].
    42. Mandate requiring all operating system dialogs have the option of being a one-time occurrence[1][2].
    43. Mandate requiring all restrooms in hospitals and medical facilities have automatic: faucets, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilets; and that toilets and urinals have a black fly[1][3] near the collection area.
    44. Mandate requiring automated in-pavement LED crosswalk light markers[1] nationally around: schools, libraries, and recreational areas.
    45. Mandate requiring daily recommended sugar labeling on all products. Daily recommended amount half that of sodium?
    46. Mandate requiring election day be a paid, national holiday.
    47. Mandate requiring every [natural] girl, from age 12 years of age until age 18 years of age that is capable of [natural] reproduction receive $1.00 per day that she is not pregnant. All monies will be kept in a general fund savings account. Monies will be paid after: not getting pregnant, graduating from high school, and enrolling in college. Girls will also receive $5 per week for transportation to the program's classes in sexual health and preparation for college[3].
    48. Mandate requiring food expiration dates?
    49. Mandate requiring free modernized preventative healthcare[3] for citizens of the USA.
    50. Mandate requiring leap day be a paid, national holiday[1].
    51. Mandate requiring more federal oversight whilst establishing sticter federal guidelines for the storage and transportation of ammonium nitrate[1].
    52. Mandate requiring one year of paid [family] maternity leave which can be divided between both parents.
    53. Mandate requiring paper towels[1] in all public restrooms.
    54. Mandate requiring rapid deployment of measures to: ensure, preserve, and protect the longevity of those[1][1][1][1][3] without a voice for generations to come.
    55. Mandate requiring red lights on train platforms be changed to blue lights[1][3].
    56. Mandate requiring reduced: saturated fat, sugar, and sodium.
    57. Mandate requiring released inmates that have stayed out of [major] trouble for 7 years have their criminal background limited to 7 years; after 14-21 years of a clear record, if necessary, is re-eligible for a second chance of "forgiveness" aka another 7 year background check limit. Limit two per [natural] person?
    58. Mandate requiring restroom doors open outward.
    59. Mandate requiring women's restroom located before men's restroom[2].
    60. Mandate revoking and prohibiting Twitter, Inc.'s articles of incorporation or thereof.
    61. Mandate revoking and prohibiting Costco's articles of incorporation or thereof[3][3][3].
    62. Mandate zero carpet in hospital and medical facilities.
    63. Reduce serving sizes.
    64. Switch to preventative care first (least invasive then medication) then surgery (Referenced in "Doctored"[1]).
    1. Assisted suicide[1], Euthanasia[1], Pro-choice[1][3][3], Same-sex marriage[1][3], and Woman's rights[1].

      People should have the right to make these decisions for themselves; unless those that oppose such rights are able to provide more than adequately and are willing to be held personally responsible for the financial and legal care in their entirety arising from denying another person these rights, there opposition is irrelevant. Both conditions being met would constitute a moot point.

    2. End automatic citizenship[1][3][3] for everyone born in the U.S. unless the mother is a U.S. citizen. Will not be retroactive.
    3. Mandate Constitutionally protecting and expanding the legal rights of victims of crime to include 17 rights in the judicial process, including: the right to legal standing, protection from the defendant, notification of all court proceedings, and restitution, as well as granting parole boards far greater powers to deny inmates parole[3].
    4. Mandate allowing enhanced penalties for crimes[1] against first responders including without limitation to: emergency medical technicians, firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement[3][3].
    5. Mandate codifying and establishing the duration of a "speedy trial" as afforded by the sixth amendment of the U.S.A. Constitution is to be a duration of not more than (3) calendar months; commencing the instance the defendant is accused of one or more offenses[1].
    6. Mandate granting Edward Joseph Snowden[1] a full reprieve/pardon and awarding him with the Medal of Honor[1].
    7. Mandate legalizing using force against "public servants"[1][3].
    8. Mandate prohibiting legislators from exempting themselves from policy[s] whilst requiring legislators be subject to the upmost scrutiny and accountability of the same policy[s] as everyone else[3].
    9. Mandate prohibiting without exception the private ownership of dangerous and exotic large cats[1].
    10. Mandate ratifying Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ("CEDAW")[1][3].
    11. Mandate ratifying Equal Rights Amendment[1].
    12. Mandate requiring Congress revisit H.Res.1335[1] to stop the human rights abuses in West Papua[1].
    13. Mandate requiring Native Americans and indigenous persons be treated equally[1]; that federal authorities collect comprehensive data on Native Americans and indigenous missing and/or murdered persons and report it to the FBI for investigation.
    14. Mandate requiring abortion services be freely available and provided for: U.S. military personnel and their families, Peace Corps volunteers, Indian Health Service clients, and federal prisoners[3].
    15. Mandate requiring infinite Internet Net neutrality[1].
    16. Mandate requiring the restoration of the "Voting Rights Act of 1965"[1].
    17. Mandate requiring veterans always have: food, shelter, and medical treatment available to them.
    18. Use the following formula to evaluate how affective preventing gun violence by retarding legal gun ownership with legislation is;

      Total # of crimes involving a gun - # of crimes involving an unregistered and/or illegal gun = # crimes affected by gun ownership legislation.
      Total crimes - (unregistered + illegal) = affected by gun ownership legislation

  1. Government

    The office of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.

    — William Ellery Channing


More of a Democrat than a Republicant. An advocate for the military and military veterans.
  1. Abortion

    Supports Roe v. Wade and public funding for abortion. Opposes federal ban on so-called partial-birth abortions and parental notification for minors who get out-of-state abortions.
  2. Anonymous medical records

    Supports anonymous medical records available to all qualified research doctors.
  3. Fracking

    Opposes "Fracking" aka Hydraulic fracturing[1].
  4. Gay marriage

    Opposes constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Supports same-sex marriage; and, same federal employee benefits for same-sex couples as for married couples.
  5. Global Warming

    Opposes domestic drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Widlife Refuge.
  6. Gun control

    Staunch supporter of gun rights that wants to expedite the time it takes to purchase a gun.
  7. North Dakota Pipeline

    Staunchly opposes the North Dakota Pipeline for its disresepect to Native Americans as well as the inevitable environmental devastation.


* Note: Only in office as my genuine self; never as a politician. My being the best President is not limited to the USA, rather the best President the world has ever experienced.

Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.

— Walt Disney

Did Not Cooperate List

About: Mathew Tyler

Persevering through nearly a lifetime of adversity and opposition, my life is a compilation of predominately unfortunate events which has ingrained an unparalleled amount of grit.

MathewTyler.co: Personality report: Mr. Mathew Tyler

Mathew Tyler
  1. Your age, city and occupation?Birthed in 1984, I will be 35 years of age by years end of 2019. Undisclosed location. Imperfect unbiased realist, governed by logic, reason, principles, and an unrivaled plethora of knowledge; a former Scout[1][1][3][3], autodidact renaissance man. Aspiring albeit imperfect, Scorpio[3] gentleman. Freelance web developer.
  2. If you've ever run for anything before, going all the way back to 2nd grade hall monitor elections?Yearbook is probably the closest thing, a class taken Sophomore year in high school.
  3. Why jump in at the top and try for the presidency?Things might be bad enough for me to actually get a genuine chance; a later term if necessary, that is if the nation survives.
  4. What would make you an ideal President?Simplest answer, a man of principles that: genuinely cares and is able to compromise.

    In-depth answer
    Passionate beyond measure, adaptable like no other, wielding a polymathy that is likely only rivaled by a computer.

    An unprecedented, unrivaled, uncorrupt judge. That is: honest, trustworthy, fair, just, unbiased, neutral, knowledgeable, correct approximately 93-97% of the time, a realist; with unquestionable loyalty[1]. That is not religious[1][3][3].

    According to Lumosity[1], 6.2% of peers tested are potentially more capable; sadly this makes me the nation's first, last, and only genuine hope to do what is necessary; to liberate the nation from Communist rule that has befallen the land, revitalize and transform the U.S.A. into the greatest country in the world again, with irrefutable evidence.

    In accordance with the Scout[1] motto, "be prepared"[3], an attempt to prepare for such a position, my sacrifices for the U.S.A. began when I was around thirteen years old and continue throughout my life thereafter; sacrifices that will vex for the remainder of my life.

    leadORS.co: Results: Mathew Tyler

  5. Have you told your friends/family about this and how did they react?Aside for the initial commonly conveyed sentiments that my qualifications are lacking, to which it's pointed out that things have transpired as they have by those allegedly with qualifications and that prior work experience does not exist until after the first term, no real disbelief nor disagreement has been conveyed.
  6. Those who take on this challenge are unfortunately looked at as being crazy, so has that affected your decision and have you had to deal with doubters?
    Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

    — Ambrose Redmoon

    Initial perceptions are that I am a simpleton and/or a crazy person, until the unfathomable realization transpires.

    Having been in a traffic collision in 2014, my head has literally been checked, inside and out. Psyche, MRI, and I believe CT scan.

  7. Did you grow up with a family that encouraged you to explore politics?In the literal sense, not the figurative sense like most, to aim for the stars so that even if I missed I would be amongst thee stars.
  8. Was there a particular moment/incident that made you realize you had to take on this challenge?Dishearteningly sorrowful, life; in an unprecedented, potentially limitless era of information, willful flagrant ignorance is a choice.
  9. Finish this sentence: I will become president if ______________.?Successful completion of delegations[1][3] that are necessary for my becoming El Presidente; thee President of the Presidents.
  10. What are the greatest challenges that our nation faces?The greatest challenges the U.S.A. faces are: my social ineptness, ignorance, people thinking incorrectly and/or not thinking, and uniting, correctly[1].
  11. What are your most important policy issues?Free, modernized education[1] and healthcare[1], citizen dividends[1], conclussion of "War on 'Terror'", "80-20 rule" (Pareto principle)[1], and a 13% flat income tax[1] with earned income credits for low- to moderate-income individuals and couples.
  12. There are hundreds of people with no name recognition, no money, no popular support, no chance of winning. Why are you running?E pluribus unum, Out of many, one[1]; to be the one.

    Moral obligation for the survival of the species. To be the change that I want to see in the world. For the honor and the glory of saving the U.S.A. and the world, and for women .

    Sadly things with the nation and the world are to a point where there is not a more competent nor capable person.

  13. Personal struggles?Every day of my life.
  14. Personal triumphs?What is grit? Having: overcome an "obstacle"[1] to be conceived, surviving parturition[1], being cursed and blessed since birth with a physical disability[1][3]; despite throughout my life being told by nearly everyone that I "can't", and, in spite of every other: obstacle, hardship, adversity that I have endured, not only do I exist; I compete, I triumph, and I am victorious[3] .
  15. Unique skills?Unique skills include but are not limited to: unrivaled adaptability, ability to be genuinely empathetic[2], pattern recognition and problem solving, knowledgeable, intelligent, philanthropist, governed by: logic, reason, principles, and an unrivaled plethora of knowledge; genuine virtues: unquestionable loyalty[1], honest, honorable, chivalrous, gallant, physical and moral courage, prudent, diligent, fair, just, humanist, patient, decent, moral person.

    Since childhood, I have lived my life with the simple goal of learning, every, thing.

  16. Family history?

    Tyler coat of arms

    Mother's side: father, US Air force Master Sgt., served in both the US Army, under Patton[1], and in the US Air force; fought in: WWII, Korea, and possibly Vietnam.

    Father's side: father served in the US Navy and fought in WWII.

    9 generations of my lineage ago was Thomas Stone[1][3], a founding father of the United States of America who signed the Declaration of Independence.

    7 generations of my lineage prior, English Royal blood[1][3].
    Decendents of Lumley[1] which includes: Margaret De Holand (1322 - 1349 [England]) and Sir Marmaduke De Lumley (14 Sep 1314 - 26 Sep 1365 [England]) through Anne Conyers (1478 - 1536 [England]) and Lord Richard Lumley (1478 - 26 May 1510 [England]).

    Decendents of Plantagenet[1] which includes: Cecily Neville (3 May 1415 - 31 May 1495 [England]), Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York[1], and my 16th great-grandfather, Edward IV (King [of England]) Plantagenet[1].

    According to 23AndMe, "Fewer Neanderthal variants than 73% of customers" equating to only 27% of 23AndMe's customers have newer, evolved genetics than me.

  17. You said your "sacrifices for the U.S.A." began around 13. What exactly does that mean? Or were you just caU.S.A.lly making that statement?To prepare to be the POTUS, to be able to attempt to learn every, thing, I made the choice to forgo the remainder of my childhood.
  18. You talk about "dishearteningly sorrowful, life" and other stuff. What are you trying to say?
    The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

    — Anonymous

    My life has never been easy; being genuinely empathetic causes the sorrow of others to be felt[2], magnified by how the world is, and the current future of the world potentially allows for one to better understand.

    With the latter in mind, having both fortitude and a plethora of knowledge to be the bearer of bad news when things go awry as often as I have been only adds to a lifetime of sorrow.

    The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

    — Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  19. One of the greatest challenges our nation faces is your social ineptness?Though my social ineptness is not necessarily that problematic and can be overcome, it's still an extra obstacle for us to overcome.
  20. How will anything be accomplished with how lazy you are?Easy; knowing thyself, my laziness has and is factored into all plans.
  21. What do you bring to the table that other candidates don't?Keen intellect, adaptability, a plethora of knowledge likely only rivaled by that of a computer, ingenious, non religious and non political; politics, and a lack of separation between religion and politics is why the world is as it is[1][1][1][1]. Honest, unbiased, uncorrupted, fair, just, fortitude to do what is necessary, empathetic, meticulous, conscientious, and impeccable taste.
  22. What would the first 100 days of the Tyler administration be like?The first 100 days of the Mathew Tyler administration, mixed sentiments are anticipated and foreseen, both liking and disliking.
  23. I looked at your platform. When you say all fuel stations must be full-service, does this mean all gas stations must have someone to pump the gas and wipe the windows? Why is this important?Some states already have this; having this should create more job opportunities which should improve both mental health and the community.
  24. Can you explain why you want to legal force against public servants and what this would mean?Some states already have similar laws[1]; while I haven't looked into all of them, Indiana's[1] seems like a good one to me. That would be just what it says.
  25. If teachers are chosen from the top 10 percent of graduates, what would happen to other people who majored in education but didn't score the grades for whatever reason (such as trying to work and go to school at same time)?The same thing that happens in Finland. Currently I have no reason to believe it needs to differ.

Political Tests

You're on the left and libertarian spectrum of the political compass! You question authority and are deeply distrustful of hierarchy. You believe strongly in personal liberty and individual freedoms. You strongly believe in a self-governed and non-hierarchical society with maximum individual freedoms for all. You support women's rights, gay rights, and liberal attitudes on sex. You, however, favor collectively owned property and an economy that guarantees equality and opportunity. You believe in strong communities and favor a cooperative economy over dog eat dog capitalism. You're a lefty, but you hate big government just as much as the next libertarian!
Left-liberalism (Social Liberalism): Individuals in this quadrant seek to uphold individual liberty while taxing the market to provide social benefits for those in need. They tend to see themselves as seeking balance between individual liberty and social justice, and to be in favor of multiculturalism, secular government, and international cooperation. While they are typically skeptical of state involvement in social affairs, they nevertheless see a legitimate role for the state in combating discrimination and ensuring equal treatment.


Last wishes

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. — Albert Einstein; Simple-complexity. — Mathew Tyler
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